Vehicle Passes: Employers

Does one of your employees need to enter the airside area at Schiphol with a vehicle? If so, he or she will need a Schiphol Vehicle Pass. Here, we explain how employers can apply for these passes.


You can use the eVesta web portal to apply for a Vehicle Pass for your employees, during the opening hours of the Badge Centre. Submit your request as soon as possible to avoid delays for your employee.

Collecting and replacing passes

If your digital request is approved by the Badge Centre, you will receive confirmation which your employee can use to collect the Vehicle Pass in person.

  • Checkpoint 60 (G-passage)
  • Checkpoint 90 (R-passage)
  • Checkpoint 43 (Southeast Tunnel)

When collecting a Vehicle Pass, you must always bring your own Schiphol Pass with you.

Terms and conditions for Vehicle Passes

Would you like to apply for a Vehicle Pass for an employee? If so, you will need to bear the following terms and conditions in mind:

  • The Badge Centre will only process necessary, work-related requests.
  • Provide clear motivation for the Vehicle Pass: what will your employee be doing and why?
  • Specify how often the employee will be entering the airside area.
  • The employee will only be given a Vehicle Pass if he or she already has a Schiphol Pass which at least provides authorisation for the perimeter roads.
  • The vehicle must have a permanent company logo on both sides, measuring at least 30 x 50 centimetres.
  • Schiphol Group has the right to reject a request for a Vehicle Pass without stating the reason for doing so.