Report accidents, incidents and unsafe situations: Safety occurences, report them!

Schiphol is always grateful to receive reports about unsafe situations. Those reports help us to keep Schiphol safe for travellers, visitors and airport employees. If you see a faulty cord, unsafe working methods, an awkward traffic situation or any other safety risk – please let us know!

The image below shows which reports we distinguish and how these can be reported.

How to report unsafe situations, incidents and accidents

Accidents (emergency)

In a life-threatening situation where every second may count, please call the Central Alarm Schiphol office immediately on +31 (0) 20 601 2222.

Incidents and malfunctions

If it’s not a situation where the fire brigade, police or ambulance are needed immediately, please contact the Control Centre on +31 (0) 20 6012555. Please call the Airside Operations Office on +31 (0) 20 601 2116 if the incident took place on airside.

Please note: Dangerous technical defects and malfunctions can be reported to Schiphol by calling 020 - 601 2550. A technical service is available 24/7 to secure or resolve the situation.

Unsafe situations

You can report unsafe situations using the form below. Your report will be discussed within the Schiphol safety team and used for learning and improving in the area of safety.

Work-related accidents

A separate occurrence report is available for reporting specific work-related accidents:

Safety procedures

In the document below you will find the Schiphol procedures for reporting, recording and investigation of safety incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions safety reporting

Why is safety reporting important?

At Schiphol, our aim is to have zero incidents by creating the safest airport as practically possible. To be able to act on unsafe situations and prevent incidents and accidents, it is important to have a good overview of what is going on in the field of safety. Reported health, safety or environmental events (occurrences) are analysed to recognise trends and sometimes investigated to identify root causes and (new) risks. We learn from occurrences and aim to minimise them in the future by adapting or (re)designing control measures.

Is it obligatory to report occurrences?

In accordance with article 9 of Schiphol Regulations (Reporting Incidents or Unsafe situations), all SNBV employees, (main) contractors & third parties should report occurrences.
When an investigation is started, the airport must be provided with all information necessary for research.

What kind of situations should I report?

In general, all health, safety or environment related events (occurrences) that have a direct relation to Schiphol (AAS) should be reported. This includes:

  1. Emergencies/accidents: occurrences requiring emergency services or a life-threatening situation where every second counts (please contact the emergency centre: +31 (0)20 601 2222).
  2. Incidents: occurrences that would very likely have resulted in an accident under slightly different conditions.
  3. Unsafe situations: circumstances where there is a high probability of an incident or accident.

Where can I report occurrences?

Reports can be made through several channels:

  1. By calling
    a. Emergency centre for emergencies: +31 (0)20 601 2222
    b. Port authority for incidents on airside: +31 (0)20 601 2116
    c. Control centre for incidents on landside/terminal: +31 (0)20 601 2555

  2. In the Airport Community App

  3. In the online form for unsafe situations (MOS form).

How should I write a report? What information should I include?

The forms used for reporting occurrences are designed to capture all necessary information. You write the required information in specific fields on the form: description of situation, date of occurrence, location, who was involved, actions taken to secure situation, etc. You fill in a new report for each occurrence. Reports should be accurate, specific, factual, objective, clear, complete, and concise.

Is my report confidential? Is it anonymous?

You can file anonymous reports using the MOS form, which does not require personal information to be filled in. Reports in the Airport Community app are not anonymous, but will be kept confidential. Regulations require that all necessary measures be taken to ensure the appropriate confidentiality of the details of the event. Names and personal details are removed when occurrences reports are transferred to the competent authority.

How do I get feedback from my report?

You can select ‘Yes, update me about the situation’ in the MOS form and the Airport Community app to indicate that you would like feedback on your report. Furthermore, lessons learned from reports are shared with the parties involved.

Can information on occurrences be used or made available?

Information derived from occurrence reports is used for safety purposes and is not disseminated for other purposes.

What if two potential reporters witness the same occurrence?

In some situations, several reporters might witness the same occurrence. An occurrence only needs to be reported once. Reports on the same occurrence are bundled by back office.

What is SILS?

SILS is the abbreviation for Schiphol Incident Learning System. A digital system, or rather digital learning platform, that supports Schiphol in managing risks, incidents and compliance. All occurrences are reported and analysed in SILS.

What is MOS?

MOS is the abbreviation for ‘Melding Onveilige Situatie’. This is the report form in which unsafe situations can be reported.