Registering a company for Schiphol Passes: Employers

As a company, would you like to apply for Schiphol Passes for your employees? If so, you will first need to register your company with Access & Area Control. This page explains the procedure.

Registering for passes

You will need to register your company with Access & Area Control if you wish to apply for one of the following passes.

  • Schiphol Pass for restricted and/or protected areas of the airport: for employees who need to enter restricted and/or clean areas of the airport at least once a week;
  • Schiphol Pass for Landside Restricted Area: for employees who only need to be in Landside Restricted Area (offices, parking lots, etc.);
  • Schiphol Vehicle Pass: for vehicles in which you require access to the Security Restricted Areas;
  • Schiphol Day Pass for Persons.

When should you register?

Schiphol carefully assesses all requests and only issues passes which companies genuinely require in order to carry out their work. You must register your company if you wish to apply for Schiphol Passes for your employees or if your company details have changed.

How can you register?

In order to register your company, send the completed registration form to Access & Area Control.

Access & Area Control/AAO/Company registration
Postbus 7501 (location code 01-06)
1118 ZG Schiphol

Telephone: +31 20 601 3930


Once your request has been checked, we will inform you in writing whether your employees are eligible for Schiphol Passes.