Changing your registration: Employers

Has your company changed its name or would you like to change the authorised signatories? If so, follow the procedure below.

Completing the registration form

Change your company details using the registration form.

Attaching appendices

Attach the following appendices:

  • an extract from the Chamber of Commerce register from this year, showing the name of the authorised person;
  • a copy of a valid passport or identity card of the authorised signatory/signatories;
  • a copy of a valid passport or identity card of the director with authority to sign and/or person holding power of attorney with authority to sign, as registered with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • an accompanying letter specifying which change or changes are involved.

Sending the details

Send the complete package by post to:

attn. A/SSE/AAC
Location code 01-06 Postbus 7501

Changing your company profile or address

Would you like to change your company profile, for example by adding a position or authorisation? Simply send an email to State which details we need to change for you, and why. Changes of address can also be sent by email.