Learn everything about incidents at airports: Fire Service

Dealing with aviation incidents requires specialist knowledge and skills. The VTC Schiphol provides training courses for all fire service employees who may have to deal with aviation incidents during the course of their work duties.

Firefighter learning track A

During this extensive training course, you will learn the most important basic skills required to be a firefighter at Schiphol, such as fighting fires and rendering support, providing technical aid, and responding to accidents involving hazardous substances and accidents involving water.

Company fire-service aircraft firefighters learning track

Following this learning track, you will be fully qualified to be deployed to deal with aviation incidents at airports. You will study the important characteristics of aircraft and airports and will learn various techniques for extinguishing fires at and around airports in practice.

Company fire-service aircraft fire commander learning track

Will you be a commander at an airport? Then this national learning track offers you everything you need to provide leadership during incidents with aircraft. Furthermore, you will learn everything about tactics, recognising hazards and communication with the other emergency services.

Airport incident theory training

Are you a commander of a corps with a helicopter landing pad or airport in its area of responsibility? Or do you simply want to learn the basic principles of dealing with aircraft incidents? After completing this training course, you will know exactly what to do in the case of an aviation incident.

Aviation incident crew training

Even if you are not based at or near an airport, your corps may have to deal with aviation incidents. In this crew training course, you will learn as a team how you should act in the event of an aviation incident and how you can best support the airport fire service.

HALO helicopter firefighting

Do you work for an organisation with its own helicopter platform? In that case, you can take the helicopter fire fighting module from the aviation incident learning track as a separate module. This module will teach you everything you need to know to act effectively in the case of incidents involving helicopters.

Are you interested in one of the above courses? Call 020 601 2338 or mail to VTC@schiphol.nl