Electrical installations: Caution: (high) voltage

Working on or near electrical installations involves a higher risk profile. This is because, if something goes wrong, the consequences are almost always serious. Thankfully, you can prevent injury by knowing exactly which electrical work you can and cannot do, using the right equipment and carrying out all the safety checks before you start.

Instruction videos to watch pre-visit

Please watch the relevant one of our three instructional videos if you are not an electrician and you work in a technical space which has an electrical installation.

Golden Rule 3: I always check that electrical installations are secure before I start work

  • A responsible person (WV or VD staff) must ensure that equipment is safe and remains so.
  • Apply and register locks or connectors (lock-out/tag-out).
  • Carry out non-voltage detection checks before you start work.
  • Only use the right equipment.