Frequently asked questions: Employers

Do you have any questions about the Schiphol Pass? The Badge Centre collects the answers to frequently-asked questions, hopefully including your own query.

How can I change or cancel an appointment for a pass?

When you make an appointment to pick up your Schiphol pass, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information for your visit to the Badge Center. If you want to cancel or change the appointment, you can do this using the link in the confirmation email.

If this doesn't work, please contact the Badge Center on telephone number 020-6012626 or by email at [](

I can't log into eVesta. What has gone wrong?

There are various reasons why you may be having trouble logging into eVesta:

  • Your verification process was unsuccessful. Are you an authorised signatory who is logging into eVesta for the first time? If so, you will need to go through a verification process. In order to actually submit requests, you will need to login at eVesta(Dutch only).

  • eVesta is not supported by your web browser. We would advise you to use Mozilla Firefox.

  • You did not receive a response code. Leave and close the web page and restart your telephone and computer. This will often be sufficient, and you will receive another response code. If you do not receive a response code, this may also be caused by a failure on the part of your own provider

I cannot apply for a Schiphol Pass or Visitor Pass, what should I do?

A Quick Reference Card will help you to work through the procedure for applying for a pass.

What should I do if my request is rejected?

All the reasons for rejection and the next steps are outlined below:

  • employer's signature
  • request cancelled

For more information, contact your employer's authorised signatory.

  • client's signature;
  • form not completed correctly.

For more information, contact your client's authorised signatory.

  • contractor's signature;
  • request cancelled

For more information, contact your contractor's authorised signatory.

  • identity check at the BC reception;
  • personal details (surname);
  • personal details (date of birth);
  • personal details (country of birth);
  • personal details (gender);
  • personal details (initials);
  • personal details (nationality);
  • personal details (surname prefixes);
  • personal details do not correspond.

In the above cases, the request was rejected because one or more of the personal details do not correspond exactly with the identity document. Alternatively, the details were not entered on the correct lines in eVesta.

My white pass has been renewed, should I come to collect it?

Check with your employer. The eVesta web portal will determine whether you (the pass holder) should collect the pass from the Badge Centre. The employer will receive an email regarding the request. If the request has been allocated the status 'Visit BC', you must collect your new pass.

Will my pass request details be treated as confidential?

We make every effort to ensure your privacy. All of your details will be handled confidentially in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). An iris scan, if applicable, will be stored exclusively on your pass, and not in a database or computer system.