Invoicing procedure for staff parking: Well-organised system

Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services is responsible for the parking facilities at the airport, staff parking subscriptions and the associated payments. Organisations using staff parking pay by direct debit monthly. In addition, every month they receive an invoice with an overview of the parking costs per subscriber number, parking space or employee.

Payment by direct debit

Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services uses direct debit to ensure that the payment process takes place as quickly and smoothly as possible. If the amount owed cannot be taken by direct debit, the employer will be asked to transfer the amount within 14 days of the invoice date.

Agreements between employers and employees

Employers can pass on the staff parking costs, the associated VAT and any administrative costs to the user of the parking space. The corresponding agreements are generally specified in the terms and conditions of employment.


Do you have a question about an invoice or the terms of payment? If so, contact Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services via or +31 (0)20 601 4296. Any questions about invoices or specifications can be processed until up to two months after the invoice date.