Bikeshare to your destination

Do you work at Schiphol and still need to walk a fair distance between the bus stop and your workplace? Or would you prefer to cycle from the car park to the office? Since 15 July 2020, it has been possible to hire a share-bike at various locations. The ideal solution!

What is bike sharing?

A share-bike is a bike that you hire for a single trip, so you don’t necessarily need to return it to the same place. The share-bikes have a smart lock that you can unlock with an app, after which the bike is ready for use.

Who are the share-bikes for?

Anyone who works at the airport can use the share-bikes. Log in with your personal email address and enter the code ‘bikeforfree2020’ to receive a bicycle credit of 30 euros. This credit is valid until 1 October 2020. Still want to use the share-bikes after that? No problem! You will simply pay 1 euro per 30-minute block. Do you work for Royal Schiphol Group? Then you can easily log in with your business email address and use the bicycles for free.

Share-bikes at Schiphol-East

Share-bikes have already been used at Schiphol-East for some time. For the time being, the use of these bicycles will remain unchanged for anyone who works at Schiphol-East and uses the bicycles under a company account. These bicycles are black with an orange Flickbike logo.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Flickbike app on your smartphone.
  2. Choose ‘Create new account’ and create an account using your personal email address and your own payment details. Enter the code ‘bikeforfree2020’ to obtain a free bicycle credit of 30 euros until 1 October 2020. Schiphol Group employees should choose business login and create an account with their business email address.
  3. Consult the map in the app to find out where a bicycle is located.
  4. Scan the code on the lock with your phone and off you go!
  5. Finished your ride? Simply lock your bike using the scanner in the Flickbike app.

Download the Fickblike app:
Download de app in de Apple App StoreDownload de app in Google Play

Where can I find the share-bikes?

You will find bicycle issue points at the following locations:

  • P5
  • P30
  • P40
  • P44
  • P57 (Canadaweg)
  • Schiphol Head Office building/Badge Center
  • Schiphol Plaza (bicycle storage facility next to the Sheraton).

The app immediately shows you where an available bicycle is located.

Where can I leave the bicycle?

You can only lock the bike in the bikesharing area. This is the area which is highlighted on the map in the app. These are primarily the areas around the issue points. The rental period ends automatically when you lock the bicycle, which will then be released for the next user. When leaving the bicycle, please ensure that it will not get in the way or fall over.

What if there is something wrong with a bicycle?

Is a bicycle broken or in the way? Or are you having problems with your account? Then please contact Flickbike via or call +31 85 065 6612. All contact details for Flickbike can be found in the app.

Why bikesharing at Schiphol?

Share-bikes are an ideal means of transport for travelling the distances on the Schiphol grounds between the terminal, offices and parking spaces. They are also a sustainable means of transport and contribute to your health and vitality. In short, an excellent addition to good accessibility by bus, train and car. Experience the convenience for yourself!

Good to know

Schiphol collaborated with the supplier Flickbike for the share-bikes. We are using the standard Flickbike app, with no major modifications. As a result, the app is only available in English.