Bikeshare to your destination

Do you work at Schiphol-Oost and still need to walk a while between the bus stop and your work place? Starting 9 December 2018, you can also rent a share-bike. It is fast, super handy and of no cost to you. Participate in the pilot and get on the bike!

What is bike sharing?

These are bicycles you can rent for a single journey and therefore do not necessarily have to put back in the same spot. These bicycles have a smart lock that you unlock with an app, after which it is available for you to use.

Can I participate?

Schiphol and Flickbike are running a pilot with 300 bicycles for the ‘technical area’ at Schiphol-Oost. Participating is simple. You only need a smartphone and a business email address of your company based at Schiphol-Oost. Participating companies are, among others: KLM, Transavia, IV-Industries, Martinair Jetcenter, Sodexo, General Electric, KH-Engineering, Airbus, EversPartners, Panasonic, Nayak, Time Uitzendburo, Boeing and Schiphol.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Flickbike app on your smartphone.
  2. Choose business login and create an account with your business email address.
  3. Look on the map in the app to find a bicycle.
  4. Scan the code on the lock with your phone, and bike away!
  5. Done with your journey? Lock the bike for the next user.

Download the Fickblike app:
Download de app in de Apple App StoreDownload de app in Google Play

Where can I rent a share-bike?

There are four central bicycle distribution points:

  • Bus stop Knooppunt Oost
  • Bus stop Southern Crossstraat (technical area)
  • Bus stop Zuideinde/P65 (technical area)
  • Bus stop Canadaweg

The app will also show where available bicycles have been left in this area.

Deelfietsen Project plattegrond

Where do I leave the bike?

You just leave the bicycle anywhere within the designated area and lock it. You do not necessarily have to bring the bicycle back to one of the distribution points. Your rental will end automatically and the bicycle is made available for the next user. You are allowed to use the bicycle outside of the technical area, but always bring the bicycle back within the designated area of Schiphol-Oost.

Where do I go with suggestions and complaints?

Has a bicycle broken down or is in the way, send an email to Flickbike at
Does your company at Schiphol-Oost also want to partake in the pilot, but is it not yet on the list, please contact If you have any comments or suggestions for the pilot, send an email to

Why a bikeshare pilot?

Good connectivity by public transport is important for travellers, companies and employees at Schiphol. Together with the transport region Amsterdam and transport companies, we are working on good, fast and frequent connections. The HOV buses (High Quality Public Transport) travel faster and more frequently, but make fewer stops. Schiphol is researching whether bike sharing is a good addition for the last bit of travel to the work place.

Good to know

Together with supplier Flickbike, Schiphol is conducting this pilot. At this moment, we are using the existing Flickbike app, without making any major changes to it. That’s the reason some of the options in the app, are not available to you (‘payment method’, for instance). This also means that the app is only available in English.

It may be that not all companies at Schiphol-Oost are in the Flickbike system. Is your business email address not recognised when you create an account? Then your company is probably not yet registered. In that case, send an email to and it will be arranged quickly.