Sustainable hotel shuttles

A new, sustainable system of hotel shuttles to and from Schiphol is on the horizon. The airport has signed a letter of intent along with the Haarlemmermeer municipality and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland Haarlemmermeer (KHN). Together, they have agreed to implement a new, emission-free shuttle bus system by 2024.

From an individual to a shared transport system

The hotels around Schiphol are still organising the transport of their guests to and from the airport independently. They will be moving away from this current system and taking steps over the coming years towards a shared one. Schiphol is supporting this initiative by looking at where and how we can provide the right facilities.

To Moscow and back

The shared system is efficient, economically viable and sustainable. Sharing the shuttle buses will lead to a daily kilometre saving that is equal to driving to Moscow and back twice. And using only electric vehicles in the near future will result in a lot less pollution. Once this network is fully up and running, it is expected to save 1,900 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Part of our ambition to be emission-free in 2030

Schiphol aims to become the world’s most high quality and sustainable airport and be fully emission-free in 2030. This new shuttle bus system is another step that takes us closer to our goal.

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