M corridor undergoes sustainable metamorphosis

Sustainability was at the heart of the M corridor redevelopment. This is the corridor that connects Lounge 4 with M Pier. If you fly with easyJet, you walk through the M corridor on your way to the gate. Until recently, it was just a plain old passageway.

Recycled seats upholstered in e-leather

In recent months, the long and dark corridor has been transformed into a pleasant waiting area. The redesign demonstrates how Schiphol is working towards its ambition of becoming a zero waste airport in 2030 and fully circular in 2050. All seats in the corridor were previously used at Schiphol. They have been upholstered in e-leather, a kind of sustainable leather made from leather industry waste.

Planters and windmills made from an old Boeing 747

Other furnishings were produced sustainably too. The material used for the planters came from old Schiphol information desks and a KLM Boeing 747. These materials were also used to make the 2 windmills that you can use to charge up your mobile phone or laptop.

The story behind Schiphol and sustainability

A permanent exhibition about sustainability at Schiphol has been set up on the M corridor. Large stickers have been applied to several windows. These show how and where the passenger journey at Schiphol is becoming more sustainable.

Want to see how our circular furniture was made?

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