Investing in synthetic fuel development

Schiphol Group is taking part in two start-ups that are going to advance the development and production of synthetic fuels. Zenid and Synkero were presented on 8 February, during an international conference on sustainable synthetic aviation fuel in The Hague.

A tonne of synthetic kerosene every day

Zenid aims to construct a test plant that will soon be able to produce 1000 litres of synthetic kerosene every day. This installation will be located close to Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which is part of Royal Schiphol Group. Synkero wants to develop a commercial synthetic kerosene plant at the Port of Amsterdam, which has a direct link to Schiphol. If everything goes as planned, the plant will be ready in 2027 and will produce 50,000 tonnes of synthetic kerosene.

Investing in a biokerosene plant

These start-ups fit in well with our ambition to make aviation more sustainable and to reduce aircraft emissions. That’s why Schiphol Group is also investing in a sustainable biokerosene plant being built in Delfzijl. This factory, the first of its kind in Europe, aims to be operational in 2023.

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