Director Safety & Environment: Hedzer Komduur

'Airports are so interesting. They are places where tens of thousands of people gather every single day, travelling to see friends, family or for business. And thousands of people strive to serve all those travellers every day too. Everyone you see at Schiphol has their own unique story. Together with my team, I ensure that all those people can travel and work safely at Schiphol on a daily basis, and that we limit hindrance to the local environment as much as possible. Matters like the energy transition also require the necessary efforts in the field of security, so no two days are the same. I have flown a lot via Schiphol for my work and I've been to many extraordinary places. I am looking forward to introducing my daughter to one of my favourite cities in the world: New York. My wife and I made wonderful memories there, and we'd like to share them with her.'