Director Rotterdam The Hague Airport: Ron Louwerse

'When I think about travel, I think about moving around, connection, adventure and sometimes getting lost. But getting lost is not something you want to do at an airport. There, what you need is clarity and certainty, so that you can continue on your journey in the best possible way. That is precisely what Rotterdam The Hague Airport offers. As a regional airport, we are the friendly and convenient starting point of your holiday, family visit or business trip. Within Royal Schiphol Group, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is where we innovate, test and implement; what we do here on a small scale can later be applied to larger settings. It's a wonderful place to work and to be responsible for. The airport is an indispensable part of your journey. My ideal journey would be to Asia. Closer to home, you can be sure to find me in Venice every other year. It is the city of all cities and my absolute favourite in every season.'