Director Risk & Audit : Esther Bosch

‘I’m very familiar with Schiphol as an airport; I have always travelled a lot for business and for leisure. Whether with a trolley case or backpack, high heels or trainers… Travelling gives you a taste of the world. I’ll never forget the colours and smells of India. When travelling, you look at your life and at things from a different perspective. So that New York State of Mind remains irresistible. But: I Amsterdam. Now that I work for Schiphol, I am also becoming familiar with the organisation that makes all those travel experiences possible for so many people from various countries and cultures. As Director Risk & Audit I, together with the team, ensure that there is an integrated and coherent approach to identifying and managing our risks. We also contribute to enhanced learning capabilities and improved audits at Schiphol. In doing so, we all contribute to the quality of our airport, our connections and our environment.'