News: Spoilt for choice: STACH, Viva, Fortune bar & The Market

Schiphol Central Business District has many facilities in and around its office buildings. Working in the offices at WTC Schiphol Airport or The Base for example, you have access to a wide variety of food and drink options. From coffee and sandwiches to long lunches, convivial drinks and tasty food after office hours - there's plenty of choice.

Published on: 18 March 2022


Have you been to STACH yet? Located in Schiphol's WTC and open every day, it's your go-to for healthy homemade breakfasts; from gluten and lactose free granola with fruit to freshly baked croissants. In the afternoon you can choose from a range of tasty sandwiches, salads and vegetable wraps. There's always the convenient option for takeaway too.

Fortune Bar

Want to sit down with a colleague or client? Head to Fortune Bar, also located in WTC Schiphol Airport. The design is well suited to business meetings and there are lots of appetising drinks and snacks to sample.


This is one of those places you could spend the whole day. When you arrive at the office, you pass by for a cup of coffee and bite to eat. Around noon, you sit down for a nice lunch. And perhaps you come here after work with a group of colleagues to end the day on a pleasant note or have some celebratory drinks.

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The Market

A food market at the heart of The Base's atrium. Here, you can really indulge yourself in the dishes served at lunch: fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, warming soups and a whole lot more. You can enjoy your meal inside the bright and spacious atrium, outside (if the weather's good enough) or even at your desk.

Juliet's Kitchen

Juliet's Kitchen is a staff restaurant with various local and international dishes. Every day there are surprising new dishes for everyone who works in the WTC to enjoy. Visitors are of course welcome too.

Hilton Axis Lobby & Cocktail Bar

Spoil yourself and your guests with some drinks or a dinner in the unique setting of Schiphol's Hilton Hotel. The Axis Lobby & Cocktail Bar is located in a 42-metre-tall atrium at the heart of the hotel.

And much, much more

There's also a Starbucks in The Base, a restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel (located next to the WTC at Schiphol) and a wide range of options at Schiphol Plaza, including the Albert Heijn supermarket, La Place and the Rembrandt pub.