Our sustainable ambition

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Our sustainable ambition

Sustainability plays an important role in our real estate strategy. We have the ambition to make our commercial real estate 'Paris Proof' by 2030. Our sustainability initiatives are built around four pillars: energy positive, circularity, well-being, and climate-adaptive building. We develop our commercial real estate with a minimum BREEAM Excellent certification.

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Energy positive

By 2050, all commercial real estate must be 'Paris Proof.' This means that the annual energy consumption of an office must be limited to 70 kWh per square meter of floor space. Our ambition is to achieve Paris Proof for all our commercial real estate by 2030. To achieve this, we are working on the following initiatives.

Energy Positive solar panels
  • Making our buildings gas-free through methods such as Heat Cold Storage and the installation of heat pumps. 

  • Improving monitoring and management of actual energy consumption through the installation of additional sensors. 

  • Utilizing roofs of our buildings and warehouses for the installation of solar panels for sustainable energy generation. 

  • Facilitating sustainable mobility through investments in smart charging infrastructure, energy generation and storage, accelerating the energy transition. 


Through better data, smarter designs, and new collaborations, we aim to promote the reuse and preservation of (biobased) materials before, during, and after construction. This also applies to operational waste streams (office waste) during operation.

  • We design with the Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG) and Building Circularity Index (BCI) for verifiable material reusability and sustainable origin. A good example of this is the newly developed Cargo Building 17. 

  • Together with our waste processor, we strive for Zero Waste for office and company waste. Active involvement of our tenants is crucial to minimize waste and maximize high-quality reuse. 

Developing climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive

At Schiphol, we are committed to building in a climate-adaptive manner to become more resilient and sustainable. We take into account changing climate conditions and increase biodiversity.

Klimaatadaptief en natuurinclusief ontwikkelen - sedumdak
  • We encourage the installation of moss sedum roofs for green experience and water retention. These have an insulating effect and provide cooling during heat. Moreover, they absorb fine dust and CO2.

  • In addition we create ditches and ponds to accommodate water, which is regulated by our own pumping stations. 

  • Beneath our roads, we create space for water retention, allowing excess water to be stored.


The well-being of our occupants in and around the offices is essential. By identifying their needs, we work towards creating a pleasant and healthy workplace.

  • Through our 'Smart Connected Buildings,' we facilitate a comfortable and efficient indoor climate. 

  • Our diverse range of sports, recreation, and relaxation options contributes to a healthy lifestyle. 

  • In the further development of our area and buildings, we incorporate visible greenery and sustainable materials. We develop our commercial real estate in accordance with the BREEAM standards.

  • The WTC Schiphol Airport holds the WELL Gold certification and the BREEAM In-Use Very Good certification.  

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