Vaccines Gateway Netherlands: FAQ

How can I contact VGN?

You can contact VGN by email:

I am a journalist, how can I get in touch with VGN?

Contact regarding media requests via Meantime Communications.

Is VGN a governmental body?

No, VGN is a task force existing out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo & Air Cargo Netherlands members including Manufacturers, Airports, Airlines, Freight forwarders, Ground handlers, Trucking companies, General sales agents and a variety of business services such as Banks, Insurance companies, Educational institutes, Consultancies, Staffing agents and security companies.

What does VGN mean?

VGN stands for Vaccines Gateway Netherlands

What is the aim of VGN?

The aim of Vaccines Gateway Netherlands is securing fast, swift, and reliable transportation of COVID-19 vaccines.

What makes Vaccines Gateway Netherlands special?

Vaccines Gateway Netherlands is a unique collaboration of 60 companies and government agencies.

Is VGN also related to non-Covid-19 vaccines?

No, Vaccines Gateway Netherlands focusses only on Covid-19 vaccines.

Where can I find a list of all participants?

Click here for a link of all VGN Participants.

Where can I find updates about Vaccines Gateway Netherlands?

How does the logistic process work?

The process starts by the manufacturer of vaccines. The manufacturer secures that the vaccines will be send at the right method. (See below) The vaccines are then transported by a hauler to a ground handler. After this, the customs formalities will happen followed by transferring and loading the vaccines in to an aircraft.

The aircraft with the vaccines arrives at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. After its arrival, the ground hander transfers the vaccines to the customs formalities. After the vaccines are checked by the customs, the vaccines will be transferred to the consignee by a hauler.

What type of packaging is used for the vaccines?

-70C vaccines
Passive packaging in active container.

-20C vaccines
Passive packaging in active container.

+2-8C vaccines
Passive packaging.

+15-25C vaccines
Passive packaging

What is an active packaging?

An active packaging has an electrical temperature control, which adjusts the temperature inside the container to keep the vaccines at the right temperature. Active packaging is often powered by electricity or a battery.

What is a passive packaging?

Passive packaging has not electrical cooling. The passive packaging maintains the temperature-controlled environment inside an insulated enclosure. This can be done with or without thermostatic regulation.

Can I follow Vaccines Gateway Netherlands on social media?

Yes, by following Schiphol Cargo on LinkedIn.