News: Extraordinary Sixt promo


Published on: 7 June 2017

Anyone passing through Schiphol Plaza from this month onwards will look up in surprise at the sight of an extraordinary new promotion in a spectacular place. With its sports car 'floating' 4.5 meters up in the air, car hire firm Sixt is attracting a lot of attention.

Synergy through collaboration

Our regular advertiser Sixt was looking for a unique way of promoting its wide selection of hire cars. Well, there's nowhere better to do so than with Schiphol Media. We worked closely together with Sixt to find a location that would meet all their requirements. We also shook hands on the design.

Spectacular result

During our discussions, it quickly became apparent that we would need an eye-catching spot to show off a Sixt sports car. After weighing up the pros and cons, and after lots of to-ing and fro-ing, we found a truly spectacular location: above the steps leading to the World Trade Center and the central parking garages. Up in the air, 4.5 meters above the ground.

A creative and logistical challenge

A real sports car would of course be too heavy to position at such a height. For this reason, we had a superb replica made from carbon fiber. It's completely hollow, and only the wheels are genuine. Transported over a special route by a 4-ton truck in the middle of the night, the model was brought into the Plaza where it was placed into position by a mini-crane. It immediately earned a place on the roll of honour for unique campaigns at Schiphol.