Our Aviation Marketing Team is here to help: Let's get you started at AMS

Ready to get started at Schiphol? Or if you already know the benefits of doing business with Schiphol and want to develop your existing network further, talk to us. Experience our unique 'Open for business' approach and reach out to our Aviation Marketing Team. They will be happy to give you advice, custom-made marketing support or information on our incentive programme.

Custom-made marketing support

Tell us what you want and we can help you successfully operate routes to and from the Netherlands. We offer tailor-made marketing support, where we review:

  • Passenger profile data
  • Distribution channel activities
  • Promotional activities
  • Assistance with various other activities

Discuss the marketing options for your airline with our Aviation Marketing Team.

Experience our Open for Business approach

Meet our network

To help you establish and maintain sustainable markets, we also involve partners within our network, such as:

  • National, regional and local tourism boards
  • Regional development agencies
  • Business communities
  • Cooperation with the destination you fly to/from
  • National, regional and local authorities
  • Other Schiphol departments
  • Travel trade partners

Experience our 'Open for Business' approach.