Airport API's: Creating Value with Data

Schiphol has introduced a new API platform. This is one of our strategic activities that is part of our value stream called 'Smart Airport Data'. The goal of the value stream is to create value with data. Our primary focus is to address the needs of our visitors and passengers to Schiphol, which means we constantly talk to them and listen to their needs.

There are several services available at this time and more to come, including:

  • Flight Information – this concerns public departure and arrival times, immediately available through our platform:
  • Wayfinding, location based services and waiting times – this concerns finding your way to, from and around the Schiphol grounds. This service is in progress. Parts have been delivered and are available in places other than the API platform.
  • Operational Flight Information – this is in the process of being delivered. This is only available to airlines (sector) and is accessible through the API platform. It will include include actual arrival and departure times, aircraft information, block-time information, aircraft positions and much more.

Please visit the platform to register. After that, you will have access publicly-available airport data.