Staff car park P80: Parking with a separate subscription

Staff car park P80 staff car park P80

If you work in the cargo area at Schiphol-Southeast, you may be eligible for a staff parking subscription for P80.

Address for route planner

Reykjavikweg, Schiphol.

Main features of car park P80

  • parking with a subscription;
  • medium-sized car park;
  • specifically for employees in the cargo area at Schiphol-Southeast;
  • between 22 and 26 minutes to reach the terminal by bus or bicycle

Transport between P80 and the terminal

  • bus trip + short walk, an average of 26 minutes in total;
  • buses depart frequently, also throughout much of the night;
  • free with Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS);
  • an average of 22 minutes by bicycle

Price indication

These are the prices of a parking permit or parking space per month, excluding VAT:

Parking location Price / month (ex. btw)
P80 € 51.70