Staff car park P26:

Parking permit P26

Do you work at a location on Uiverweg, Snipweg or Postduifweg? If so, you may be allocated a parking permit for P26 if there is sufficient availability. Try P5, P30 or P40 as an alternative if the maximum number of parking permits has been reached.

Address for route planner

Uiverweg, Schiphol.

Main characteristics of car park P26

  • requires a Schiphol Pass with permission to park;
  • small car park;
  • specifically for employees who work on Uiverweg, Snipweg or Postduifweg;
  • less than ten minutes to reach the terminal by bus or bicycle

Transport between P26 and the terminal

  • bus ride takes five to ten minutes + walk;
  • free with Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS);
  • an average of seven minutes by bicycle

Price indication

These are the prices of a parking permit or parking space per month, excluding VAT:

Parking location Price / month (ex. btw)
P26 € 62.07