Parcels at Schiphol-Oost

Schiphol East

Parcels at Schiphol East

A blank canvas for businesses

Schiphol East: the place where private jets take off and land. But also, a breeding ground where inventive companies and entrepreneurs come together, to grow and innovate. You’ll find all kinds of existing office and commercial buildings in this unique business park, but there is also room to develop new buildings. So you can create your own office or business space here. Quite a unique opportunity for such a centralised location in the Randstad.

The Schiphol East business park offers a vast array of facilities for those who work and visit there. Its location at the airport and proximity to Amsterdam promises excellent accessibility. Ideal for any organisation, employee or customer.

The perfect place for your company

If you have an idea about what your ideal office or business premises must look like, as well as its environmental needs, Schiphol East Business Park has a surprisingly versatile area and is loaded with entrepreneurship. There are different plots there which offer space for the construction of one or more buildings.

There are plots with opportunities to build office developments of between approx. 3,000 m2 and 18,000 m2, supplemented with business space. That of course depends on what you would like, your plans and desired location.

We’d love to help you

Schiphol Real Estate manages almost all buildings and areas at Schiphol, as well as being the area owner and developer. In short, we have all the knowledge and expertise to create your ideal workplace together – whether you are still prospecting or have a really good idea of what you want.

If you are looking for a party that thinks along with you, we will be happy to sit down together to outline your wishes and to sketch a building that perfectly matches the ambitions of your company.

Facilities nearby

Icon shopping/Schiphol Plaza

Schiphol Plaza

By bus in about 15 minutes to Schiphol Plaza.

Icon train

NS train station

By bus in about 15 minutes to NS train station.

Icon airplane arrived

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

By bus in about 15 minutes to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

More facilities

Schiphol Plaza
Restaurants, bars, supermarkt, shopping center
Tristar 3
Albert Heijn to go, Meet & play space 'De Huiskamer'
Wings Food & Drinks, 'De Huismeesters' espresso bar
Steigenberger and Ibis Styles
Amsterdamse Bos recreational area, 'The International' golf club
Car park for colleagues and visitors (P57)
Public transport
Bike sharing and express bus access, Bus terminal Knooppunt Schiphol-Noord (2 min. by bus)


Canadaweg 1 1117 BH Schiphol-Oost

Excellent accessibility

  • Next to the A9 slip road and close to the A4, A5, A10 and A2.

  • Just 2 minutes away from public transport hub Knooppunt Schiphol-Noord with direct bus connections to regional destinations.

  • A 12-minute journey to the NS train station and the airport, with more than 300 global destinations.

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