A day out at Schiphol for the whole family: A Dainty Day

Do you feel like going out for a day trip? Then why don't you come and visit Schiphol? There is so much to see and do here. Of course, you can spot and take pictures of aircrafts, but you can also do a quest, take a look behind the scenes, have a delicious meal and drink, and much more. Read here what Schiphol has to offer you!

Start with downloading and printing a route map of all the activities that can be done at Schiphol, so you know where everything is and to get the most out of your day. If you get thirsty or hungry after a day of fun, you can visit one of the restaurants.

The Tantalising Tour - A day out at Schiphol

The Behind the Scenes Tour

During this tour, you will see that there is a lot going on at and around the airport. The tour will take you behind the scenes of Schiphol. You will visit places where you are normally not allowed to come. A visit at the fire brigade, for example, or at the snow fleet, the big hangars and the platform in Schiphol-Oost. You will also hear all kinds of stories and fun facts that no-one else knows. Experience Schiphol from up-close on this tour!

The Riddling Route - A day out at Schiphol

The Riddling Route

Are you a real detective and does Schiphol have no more secrets for you? Or do you know the airport only a little and do you want to find out more about Schiphol? Then take on the quest; the Riddling Route. With this fun quest, you will explore all that Schiphol Plaza has to offer and learn a lot about the airport.

Clicking Cameras - A day out at Schiphol

Clicking Cameras

Do you have your own camera? Then we know for sure that it will become a Clicking Camera on this unforgettable day. At Schiphol Plaza, you can take pictures everywhere, but we have marked the best places for you. You can recognize them on the Day out at Schiphol route map by the icon of a camera.

Share your photos on Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag: #DagjeSchiphol, so your friends and family can enjoy them too.

The Vibrant Vista & Tingling Technics - A day out at Schiphol

The Vibrant Visual & Tingling Technics

Would you like to spot airplanes or just enjoy the Vibrant Visual over the platform? The perfect location for this is the Panorama Terrace. The entrance is free. In the real KLM Fokker 100 on the terrace, you feel the Tingling Technics as a passenger or even a pilot. We have converted the interior into a complete aviation experience. Or sit down and enjoy the planes on the platform in one of the restaurants on the Panorama Terrace.

The delicious deals - A day out at Schiphol

Delicious Deals

During your day out at Schiphol Plaza you have plenty of choice for a treat. Choose from the many cafés and restaurants. Whether you like an Italian lunch, a salad, just some fries or a nice drink or pastry, you will find everything at Schiphol Plaza. Don't forget to download the Delicious Deals coupons though, so you get a discount on all those delicious things.

The Spying Spotter - A day out at Schiphol

The Spying Spotter

As a real fan of planes and as Spying Spotter, you can truly indulge yourself at Schiphol. With over 450,000 flights a year, operated by almost 110 airlines, there is a lot to see. On the Panorama Terrace, you have a good view over the platforms and on the planes. And also along the Polderbaan and Buitenveldertbaan there are two spotter zones. Here you can take a close look at the departures and landings of many planes. Like the Panorama Terrace, you can use the spotter zones for free.

The Perceptive Pilot - A day out at Schiphol

The Perceptive Pilot

Now, which Perceptive Pilot does not want to buy a plane of his, or her, own? Well, at Planes@Plaza you can! In this airplane store at Schiphol, you will find several model planes, pilot suits, books and Barbie flight attendants. Or have your picture taken in a cockpit or next to a life-sized landing gear and airplane engine. At Planes@Plaza you can also sign up for the Behind the Scenes bus tour. Planes@Plaza can be found at Schiphol Plaza between Arrivals 2 and 3.

The Sassy Shopper - A day out at Schiphol

The Sassy Shopper

Do you feel more like a Sassy Shopper? Then you too, can spend a good amount of time at Schiphol Plaza. For seven days a week you can shop from the very early morning until far after your bedtime. Whether you're looking for a new outfit or a nice scent, treat yourself to a nice gift or give someone a souvenir or flower, you'll always succeed.