The Milkrun, now a fully self-sustainable consolidation system:

Just over two years ago, the notion that the handler should be the ‘director’ of import freight sparked the idea of the Milkrun.

When linking airborne shipments to forwarders (Pre-nomination) is done by the handler, and information is simply shared earlier in the chain, wouldn’t all parties be able to manage their resources (people, warehousing space, last-mile delivery times etc.) more efficiently…?

This not only gives the forwarder prior insight into which freight is arriving, but also reduces truck movements on the handler’s premises, consequently decreasing Co2 emissions.

Several initiators believed this idea of the handlers in our community being the principal player in the import freight process would prove beneficial, as cargo destined for multiple forwarders would be combined in one truck and delivered to their respective docks.

Fully self-sustainable

Until this summer, we had a project manager who was (amongst other things) responsible for managing the software programmes that generated the performance data of the various participants. With these insights into performance we were able to further increase efficiencies as the scheme progressed and evolved.

Now, we have fully automated the Milkrun Portal and data dashboard! The portal provides information on which freight shipments are arriving when, where, and with which airline, and the dashboard, rather than having to be built using manual data input, now automatically pulls information from members’ own systems – complete automation resulting in more reliable data, time savings, and lower costs.

This means that the generation of performance insights is also fully automated, with each party involved able to independently interpret their own data, control their participation, and increase efficiencies.

Milkrun partners

Milkrun partners currently comprise of 16 member companies, of which two are handlers, two are hauliers, and 12 are forwarders. The Milkrun is always looking to expand, and you can contact our handlers Swissport and Menzies to find out more about joining us!

Here at Schiphol, we have found that the Milkrun provides for more insight and efficiencies earlier on in the process. You know what is coming; which freight is available and what time it will be delivered to the forwarder. Our partners experience increased performance against lower costs. Everyone wins.

Want to Join?

Contact us today to find out more about working with the Milkrun at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.