Roos Bakker new Director Business Development: Team expansion at Schiphol Cargo

The Schiphol Cargo department is growing with the appointment of Roos Bakker as Director Business Development.

Bakker has worked for Schiphol Group for 12 years, and for the last seven years held the position of Senior Security Process Manager within the Safety, Security and Environment Department.

Together with the rest of the Cargo team, Bakker will focus on maintaining Schiphol’s cargo volume and liaising with cargo chain partners to further develop Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as Europe’s smartest cargo hub.

“After working at Schiphol for several years in another department, I can look at cargo from a neutral perspective, while bringing my own experience to help maintain Schiphol’s cargo volume,” explained Bakker.

“I can also use my knowledge of security processes to help push forward the Smart Cargo Mainport Program and bring my own individual energy to the Cargo team.”

Bakker is eager to learn about logistics and the cargo sector, while meeting her new colleagues in the industry.

“Firstly, I plan to get to know my new colleagues in the Cargo team, our partners as well as our partners in the Cargo Community and to increase my knowledge of the cargo sector,” she said.

“Then I hope to positively contribute to the department through the development of cargo at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“It’s a dream come true to work in the interesting and challenging world of logistics, and I am looking forward to learning more about air freight.

“I like the dynamic environment at Schiphol, the diverse group of employees it attracts, and the opportunities for career progression, which makes Schiphol the perfect place for me.”

Expanding the team is a positive move for Schiphol Cargo, and a development that is welcomed by Bart Pouwels, Head of Cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“These are dynamic times, in which we are preparing for the future and it’s always good to have a fresh perspective on things,” said Bart Pouwels, Head of Cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“Roos has ample Schiphol experience, of which the last seven years was within our Security department, so I’m very much looking forward to tapping into Roos’ expertise, and I’m sure she’ll be up and running with regards to the cargo business in no time.”

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