Global Head of Pharma Logistics, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo: Enrica Calonghi

Enrica is originally from Italy and has spent her entire career working for Air France KLM Martinair Cargo after starting out with KLM Cargo in Italy. She then led the cargo division in Spain from 2011 to 2014 before relocating with her family to Amsterdam where she now leads the pharmaceutical division of the group. She is passionate about pharma logistics and excited about the digitisation of the sector.

How important is collaboration in your professional life?

Collaboration is very important in my professional life. Due to my background, personal interests, and attitude, I live with the concept of “the three CO’s”: cooperation, collaboration and communication. In our business, especially where we focus on vertical markets (such as Pharmaceutical Logistics), we work in a matrix structure, in which it is important to build cohesive teams linked with common interests and objectives, with clear roles and responsibilities. In order to avoid power struggles, my way to make the matrix work is to increase cooperation, collaboration, and open communication.

How do you manage collaborative relationships in business?

I like feeling part of something, a scope that is more important than my day-to-day work. So, for me, I always take particular care in building projects together by sharing the vision, the bigger scope, and by sharing the small achievements to reach the vision. Again, collaboration goes hand in hand with communication.

Do female leaders collaborate in a different way to male leaders? If so, how and why?

Well, we tend to talk more… or is it only me as I am Italian? I am not sure whether it is a male or female characteristic, but if there is proper communication before, during, and after a project, then collaboration becomes easier.

Is there more ‘goodwill factor’ within women in business? If so, why do you think that is?

Women have a wider sense of detecting things happening around them and are in general paying more attention to details. These two factors play an important role in collaboration. Sensitivity, irrespective of gender, is an important element when dealing with people in business, and in private.

What is your approach to stakeholder management? How does collaboration assist in stakeholder management?

My collaborative approach in dealing with stakeholder’s relationships increases the engagement and, at the end, the success.