Rituals: The extra mile for a stress-free Christmas

In general, the holidays are a wonderful – but fairly hectic – time of year. Family visits, gift shopping, dinners with friends, drinks with colleagues… the list goes on. But thanks to Rituals products, you can still find a moment to relax and enjoy the moment, amidst all the hustle and bustle. With that thought in mind, the Dutch cosmetics brand gave Schiphol some colour (and fragrance) during the holiday season. The theme: ‘May all your wishes come true’.

Little wishes, big impact

The Rituals Christmas campaign revolved around the things we wish for ourselves nearly every day. Like the ability to live in the moment, to feel less stress, to enjoy the little things. The brand believes that everyone can make wishes like these come true, by changing everyday routines into meaningful rituals. And the luxurious Rituals products are a perfect way to do that.

Touchpoints at Schiphol

During the holiday season, millions of people travel to, from and through Schiphol. So Rituals focused on helping them all take a step back, take a deep breath, and simply enjoy. Rituals found ways to grasp travellers’ attention in different ways, throughout the entire passenger journey.

  1. Oh Buddha Tree, oh Buddha Tree

Travellers were greeted in the main entry Plaza with an enormous Rituals Christmas tree, adorned with more than 900 ornaments and 150 Rituals gift sets. But their senses were also stimulated in other ways. The tree didn’t smell like traditional pine. Instead, the invigorating scent of The Ritual of Happy Buddha emanated from the branches. A campaign video played continuously on 63 digital screens in Schiphol Plaza.

  1. Peace pops up in the Lounges

Rituals created special pop-up stores in Lounges 1 and 3, and offered a wide assortment of Christmas products and luxury gift sets. Visitors to the permanent shops were treated to hot cups of tea and relaxing hand massages. An enjoyable moment of indulgence during a busy travel day.

  1. Last-minute shopping at the gates

Rituals even had solutions for those who leave their shopping until the last minute, constantly second-guess their gift choices or are constantly in a rush. With the Last-Minute Gifting Service at Gates B and C in Lounge 1, Rituals offered stylish gift carts overflowing with gift sets. The very last chance to buy a gift for a loved one before hopping on board.

Impressive results

Rituals’ total gross sales at Schiphol in November and December 2018 were 21.5% and 27.8% higher, respectively, than the same months in 2017. And its year-to-date revenue was 27.9% higher than the year before. The enormous Rituals Christmas tree and extensive advertising campaign at Schiphol were viewed an estimated one million times per week. The high number of selfies and photos taken near the Christmas tree – and tagged with Rituals or Schiphol tags – confirm that this was the highlight of the campaign.

We chose Schiphol because it’s the perfect place to inspire stressed-out travellers with our ‘slow down’ philosophy. We are also very pleased with the multi-brand partnership between Rituals Cosmetics, Royal Schiphol Group and Kappé Schiphol. Together, we had everything we needed to create a memorable experience for travellers. – Neil Ebbutt, Director of Global Travel Retail at Rituals Cosmetics

  • Digital Shopping Screen Lounge 2

    • Giant digital screen located between the entrance of the Perfumes & Cosmetics Store and Liquor & Tobacco Store in Lounge 2.
    • Passengers approach the screen head on when walking toward the shops.
  • Shopping Lightbox Package Lounge 1

    • Located in a key part of Lounge 1.
    • In the middle of the retail opportunities, this two double-sided Duty Free lightboxes in uences passengers as they walk around the shopping area.
  • Lounge 1 Promo Point

    • Located at the central square in Lounge 1, surrounded by all passenger flows.
    • Point-of-sale possibilities.
  • Shopping Lightbox Package Lounge 3

    • Located in a key part of Lounge 3 - in the middle of the retail opportunities, this four double-sided Duty Free lightboxes in uences passengers as they walk around the shopping area.
    • Can’t be missed by departing passengers.
  • Lounge 3 Promo Point

    • Located in the center of Lounge 3, between the seating area, shops and the main passenger flow.
    • Point-of-sale possibilities
    • The giant lightbox is included in the Promo Point
  • Digital Giant Screens Lounge 1

    • Large format and high impact, this giant digital screens are located in the middle of Lounge 1.
    • In between the two escalators towards the D2-pier and the business class lounges. Next to the Internet hotspot.