Appetizer at the airport: Old Amsterdam at Schiphol

From pop-up stores to promotions and lightboxes, cheese was the name of the game at Schiphol in October 2017. With an extensive campaign targeting all departing passengers, Old Amsterdam had the good taste to offer them something special. Travelers from all over the world were tempted to take a delicious piece of the Netherlands home with them. One bite, and they couldn’t resist buying some more. Sales of the traditional Dutch cheese brand soared.

Cheese Buy Fly

Through its extensive campaign, Old Amsterdam aimed to tempt foreign travelers to taste the cheese and buy a delicious souvenir to take home with them.

“We wanted to improve our image and the brand values of Old Amsterdam among international consumers, and stimulate sales abroad. Thanks to this campaign, we have increased the brand footprint worldwide as far as our target market is concerned.” – Rose Verpalen, Brand Manager, Old Amsterdam

See, taste and take away

Most of the Old Amsterdam promotion took place in Lounges 1, 2 and 3. In these locations, we attracted travelers’ attention by using a large number of digital screens, an eye-catching lightbox, a special promo point and advertisements in shop windows. Upon entering a Fine Food store, visitors were immersed in the world of Old Amsterdam. And in case this experience wasn’t persuasive enough, there were in-store promotions and even a genuine cheese-tasting area to convince them to buy a piece.

You can see the various promotional areas on the map below.

Finger-licking results

A comparison of the sales figures during the promotional period with those from the previous year reveals extremely positive results. From week 40 until week 44, the campaign was in full swing in all our lounges. This delivered a total increase in turnover of 62%. In weeks 45 and 46, only the Promo Point in Lounge 1 was still active. However, this still accounted for a 41% increase in turnover.

Results per Lounge

We can also see how sales peaked during October. Old Amsterdam’s turnover increased by as much as 148.2% in Lounge 1. Lounge 2 saw a rise of 67.3%, and turnover rose in Lounge 3 by 10.6%.

Results per store

If we look specifically at the stores in each lounge, it’s clear to see how sales increased there too. In the Fine Foods store in Lounge 1, Old Amsterdam’s sales increased by 129.5%. In the Lounge 2 store, there was an upswing of 30.9%, and in Lounge 3 the sales figures rose by a pleasing 14.7%.