Parking subscription without a Schiphol Pass - Separate parking subscriptions

Organisations that do not use Schiphol Passes can apply for individual staff parking subscriptions. In that case, employees will receive a separate parking pass which gives them access to the car park for which their organisation has taken out a subscription.

Parking Amsterdam Airport Schiphol employees

Car parks for separate parking subscriptions

You can choose from a great many parking locations throughout the airport. You will nearly always be able to find a location close to your work.

WTC car park

Applying for parking subscriptions for organisations

If you know which areas your organisation can use, please contact Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services to apply for staff parking spaces. Send an email to and ask for a customer information form.

Applying for or cancelling a parking subscription for staff

Do you work for an organisation at Schiphol and would you like to park at the airport? Check with your employer whether you are eligible for a parking subscription. If so, you can easily apply for your parking pass online.

Price indication

These are the prices of a parking permit or parking space per month, excluding VAT:  

P57 € 50,96
P80 € 42,45
P12* € 170,62
PWTC* € 194,97
PWTC* € 255,03

* P12: you are only eligible for the P12 fee if your organisation has a lease agreement with SRE.
* PWTC: you are only eligible for the € 194.97 fee if your organisation has a lease agreement with SRE. If this is not the case the fee is € 255.03.