Parking subscription without a Schiphol Pass: Separate parking subscriptions

Organisations that do not use Schiphol Passes can apply for individual staff parking subscriptions. In that case, employees will receive a separate parking pass which gives them access to the car park for which their organisation has taken out a subscription.

Car parks for separate parking subscriptions

You can choose from a great many parking locations throughout the airport. You will nearly always be able to find a location close to your work.

P57 for separate subscriptions

P57 If you work for a company that is based at Schiphol-Oost, you may be eligible for a staff subscription to P57. This medium-sized car park is mainly convenient if your company is located on or near Stationsplein.

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P80 for separate subscriptions

Employees who work in the cargo area at Schiphol-Southeast can request a staff subscription to P80.

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P12 for separate subscriptions

Covered staff car park P12 is mainly convenient for employees of organisations which operate in the Central Business District (CBD) to the south of Schiphol-Centre. For their employees to be eligible for P12, employers must reach agreements with Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services.

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WTC car park for separate subscriptions

Companies in WTC Schiphol Airport can reserve parking spaces for their employees beneath the building. The maximum number of subscriptions for each company depends on the number of square metres rented.

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Applying for parking subscriptions for organisations

If you know which areas your organisation can use, please contact Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services to apply for staff parking spaces. Send an email to and ask for a customer information form.

Applying for or cancelling a parking subscription for staff

Do you work for an organisation at Schiphol and would you like to park at the airport? Check with your employer whether you are eligible for a parking subscription. If so, you can easily apply for your parking pass online.

Price indication

These are the prices of a parking permit or parking space per month, excluding VAT:  

P57 € 58.16
P80 € 48.45
P12 € 194.72
PWTC* € 226.51
PWTC* € 291.06

* You are only eligible for the € 226.51 fee if your organisation has a WTC lease agreement with SRE. Otherwise the fee is € 291.06. PWTC fees are valid until 31 March 2024. Indexation of these rates will take place as of April 1, 2024. Indexation of the general PWTC rates will take place as of January 1, 2024.