Network Planning Society: Moving Forward: Society Insights

We started the Network Planning Society in 2014 to show our appreciation for the Network Planners that are so essential to our business. For six years, we met in person to connect with – and learn from – each other. But no one could have anticipated that the event in 2020 would mark the beginning of the biggest change the airline industry has ever seen.

The moment things changed

The last Network Planning Society event was just nine months ago. On February 27 and 28, 2020, Network Planners from 21 airlines gathered in Utrecht to hear the latest Schiphol news and connect with their colleagues. Little did we know that our world was about to be forever changed. Because the very day that the event began, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in the south of the Netherlands. And on the second day of the event, a case popped up close to Amsterdam. What started in Asia, it now has changed from a localised challenge to a global concern.

A look ahead

As Schiphol prepares for an online Network Planning Society event 2021, we thought it would be interesting to catch up with some of the participants from the 2020 event. Find out how the challenges of the job have changed in these unprecedented times. Ask them how we can make the 2021 event as fun and helpful as possible. And continue to connect with the people who make a difference in our work. We could think of no one better to get in touch with Network Planners than Sophie Mosch, who has organised and moderated the event for the past three years.

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Welcome to Society Insights

Over the next few weeks, Sophie will connect with Network Planners and talk with them about their current challenges, and how Schiphol can help. Hopefully, by sharing their stories, we can help other Network Planners find answers to challenging questions. And most of all, we hope to see you all at the 2021 event and beyond.

We’re moving forward. As an industry and as the Network Planning Society. We welcome you to join us. Enjoy the Society Insights interviews, and we hope to see you (online) in 2021!

Our Society Insights series

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