Sophie Mosch

Route and Business Development (RBD)

The airline industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Passenger numbers have never been lower, and many airlines need to make tough decisions in order to stay afloat. But Sophie Mosch reminds airlines that the priorities before the pandemic will remain priorities after it. And that means exploring ways to make air travel more sustainable.

Maryan Brouwer

Program Manager Passenger Experience

Smooth, speedy and convenient airport operations are a crucial step to win the hearts of passengers. But it’s the little extras that makes them remember your airport. Maryan and her team are constantly searching for ways to make passengers smile. But as Maryan explains, the entire Schiphol community plays a crucial role in their success.

Marcel Lekkerkerk

Director Route and Business Development

When you think of Schiphol, you think Amsterdam. But Royal Schiphol Group expands way beyond the country’s borders. And, on the road to recovery from the coronavirus, global cooperation is more important than ever. We spoke to Marcel to discover how Schiphol is working on total industry recovery.

Joost Koning

Business Partner Airlines

The passenger experience begins long before a traveller boards an aircraft. And every step of that journey has an impact on a traveller’s opinion about that experience. Joost Koning, Business Partner Airlines, and his colleagues focus on making sure the passenger experience is as optimal as it can be.

Michael Arntzen

Head of Traffic Analysis and Forecasting

Michael and his team are responsible for collecting information from airlines and using their expertise to turn those numbers into key insights and scenarios for Schiphol. And now, they play an essential role in the road to recovery.

Wilco Sweijen

Director Route and Business Development

After more than 25 years in the aviation industry, Wilco Sweijen thought he’d seen it all. But the coronavirus pandemic is something we’ve never seen before. Wilco tells us what Route Development at Schiphol looks like during these times.