Hackathon 2017: Global aviation hackathon 2017

What could happen for global airports and airlines if they were able to freely share and combine their data? For one thing, they would be able to use it to improve operations. For another, it would create a more seamless flow of passengers. And with those thoughts in mind, we invite you to join the Global Aviation Hackathon, which will take place in Berlin from June 16-18.

The hackathon was initiated by Albert van Veen, CDO of Royal Schiphol Group. He said: 'In order to become the best digital airport, we need to work together with other airports and the airlines. For Schiphol, this hackathon is a way to open up our APIs and work with developers all over the world. Let's find out what new solutions we can come up with to facilitate the seamless passenger journey from door-to-door with data from multiple airports, airlines and emerging technologies.'

The Hackathon can help you:

  • Generate new business opportunities.
  • Promote an innovative mindset within airports. Employees will be able to see what can be created in 48-hours, understand how developers use new technology to meet new challenges, and be inspired to consider how these technologies may be deployed within their fields.
  • 'Future proof' the aviation industry by being on top of developments surrounding AI, drones and robotics.
  • Show the potential of open data. Many inspiring things may arise by combining data from different airports and airlines.

As an airline, you have the opportunity to contribute with your APIs and knowledge. Let's find out what can happens for our services when we combine our data. To find out more about how you can participate, please contact Mady de Groot at mady.de.groot@schiphol.nl.