Provide unique innovation in meeting rooms: Voice services

Schiphol Real Estate is an innovative trailblazer, implementing voice services in smart buildings

“Alexa, ask building, can you dim the lights?” Not the first words you’d expect to hear in a meeting room. Still, it’s not unusual at all at Spaces, located in The Outlook, an office building at Schiphol. In this building, Spaces has collaborated with Schiphol Real Estate to implement voice services in order to solve a challenging digital conundrum: ‘How do you make meeting rooms more convenient when they’re constantly used by different people?’


You can imagine that Spaces – which provides working spaces at Schiphol – sees a great number of members and visitors each day. For such a varied group of users, it’s nice not to have to log in with (one-time) personal account information. These meeting room users like to adapt the rooms to their preferences in a way that’s quick and easy. That’s why Schiphol Real Estate has developed a unique system featuring voice services.

Schiphol Real Estate focuses on improving convenience for every professional, so implementing voice services turned out to be a logical next step.

Voice services

Schiphol Real Estate developed a unique system. A collaboration between Alexa, Cortana, and the building itself. The use of Alexa does not require a user’s data. In other words, no app or account is required; only their voice, and instructions on how to give commands to Alexa. In this way, anyone can pose one simple question to Alexa in order to change the temperature and lighting in any Spaces meeting room. The ultimate convenience in a business environment.

SRE-voice-illustraties Illustratie 2

This innovative service allows members and visitors to experience this user-friendly way of working. Additionally, it’s the perfect solution in rooms that see different users on a regular (daily) basis.

Ability to learn

Because Alexa has a keen ability to learn, the system that Schiphol Real Estate developed has become more human and more intelligent since its implementation. Continuous analysis and user feedback enable the system to adapt to users’ needs and word choice.

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