About Schiphol Real Estate: Connecting your office

Schiphol Airport is a unique AirportCity that connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world. For more than 100 years, this area has been a vibrant and dynamic hub; a prime location that is now home to more than 500 companies. The on-site buildings and areas are all owned by Schiphol Real Estate. We are not just the landlord for the commercial buildings and offices, we're also a dedicated area director with a long-term vision – just about the only way to create an inspiring location that continuously adapts to today's business wants and needs. A place where companies want to open their offices and where talent wants to come together to work and meet up. The ultimate location with everything on board for business success.

Innovative development, smart design and outstanding management

At Schiphol Real Estate, we aim to create a working environment that facilitates, but also surprises and inspires. We hold frequent tenant discussions, and these enable us to actively respond to their needs. We do so by applying smart and sustainable technologies that provide insights into user possibilities. On the one hand, our tenants are facilitated in making even better use of their location. On the other hand, we can utilise the insights to more effectively manage our location. These efforts all come together to make Schiphol AirportCity a unique business location.

We have determined four areas of focus to achieve further success:

Ons innovatie manifesto

1. Flexibility: Solutions that scale with you

Adaptability is key nowadays for any organisation, as markets and needs change quickly. That's why we believe it is important to stay proactive. We accomplish this, for example, through flexible real estate solutions, by looking further than the office building in which you are located. By offering flexibility throughout our buildings and area, we almost always have a suitable solution available.

2. Well-being: Keeping an eye out for people, companies and the planet

We believe in the importance of having everyone contribute to the balance between the well-being of companies, employees and our planet. Our sustainable objectives guide us in how we deal with both our real estate and our locations. Making our real estate portfolio more sustainable is an ongoing process. We work hard to reduce energy consumption and we're committed to circular construction methods. We also pay great attention to the well-being of all the talent working at our locations by providing them with pleasant, productive workplaces.

3. Connection: A community that enables companies and their talents to grow

Schiphol connects. This connection creates new opportunities, insights and partnerships. At the centre of this is our community platform, Spot, which facilitates gatherings , knowledge sharing and personal development, including an annual TEDx event, workshops, sports activities and happy hours. In doing this, we create an AirportCity that invites everyone to connect with each other. An environment with a special mix of companies and employees who meet up and inspire each other.

4. Inspiration: An inspiring work environment

Feeling at home is the key to a successful working environment. An inspiring workplace helps to bring that about. Schiphol AirportCity offers a dynamic environment, buzzing with energy 24/7. A place where the world comes together. We understand that life and work are increasingly entangled and that the needs of the working environment have changed as a result. That's why you will find various useful facilities at each of our locations. Think about childcare, supermarkets, coffee bars, restaurants and fitness clubs. Everything needed to boost the productivity and creativity of companies and the talents who come here to work. Schiphol AirportCity is a place that inspires and serves the workers of today.

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