About Schiphol Real Estate: Space for big ideas

Right from the start, Schiphol has made sure to create space for big ideas. In the more than 100 years since it was founded, the airport has grown from a small, grassy runway in the polder to a key interchange for international commerce, recreation and business.

Schiphol Real Estate has taken care to develop a buzzing hub for entrepreneurs that is renowned for its accessibility, efficiency, attractiveness and innovation. This is a place where both businesses and their people are glad to be based; a place with great facilities that free you up to focus on the things that matter most to you. Here, every enterprise, every visitor, employee or client can get the best out of themselves and their surroundings.

Schiphol Real Estate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Schiphol Group.

Four pillars for success

Ons innovatie manifesto

Schiphol hosts a unique connection between the Netherlands and the rest of the world. A great many successful organisations have already made this their home base because Schiphol is a place that pushes the boundaries, creating the conditions for entrepreneurs to fly high. Schiphol Real Estate promotes your success by tailoring as much of the living and working climate as possible to the needs of our customers, based around four key focus points.


We develop flexible real estate solutions that evolve according to the changing needs of our customers.


We develop real estate with added value for the wellbeing of our tenants, our residents and our planet.


We create an area where you can always stay connected: this is a place where you can build your network, and where you have the space for personal development and the growth of your business.


We digitise our built environment to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our tenants and residents.


Flexible is the new permanent

The way we live and work is constantly evolving. To satisfy the wishes of their customers and employees, organisations have to be able to adapt faster and more often. Part of that strategy involves a search for scalable accommodation that can be easily adapted to facilitate their business. This in turn sparks a demand for new real estate solutions that can scale the available space up and down, allowing square metres to be used flexibly.

These solutions can include a pay-per-use concept for essentials such as meeting rooms and parking spaces, or additional services that not only increase employees’ productivity but also improve their job satisfaction. This allows organisations to better anticipate the wishes of their clients, as well as limiting their commercial risks. We call this Real Estate as a service. We are constantly on the lookout for technologies and partners to help us achieve these flexible real estate solutions. One great example of this is the development of Spacemaker, a shared platform for meeting spaces at Schiphol.



The perfect balance between people, planet & profit

Our work and our personal lives are becoming ever more interconnected. Because Royal Schiphol Group is constantly seeking the best balance between people, planet & profit, we aim to: - produce zero waste by 2030
- be climate neutral by 2040

Schiphol Real Estate has incorporated these ambitions into our real estate portfolio. In view of stricter government regulations, increasing the sustainability of our real estate will make a significant contribution to the new sustainability challenge. But we want to go one step further, investigating whether we could even make our real estate energy-positive in the near future.

Focus on health & wellbeing The development of real estate at the airport is not only focused on creating financial value, but also on adding value for the health of our tenants, our users and our planet. That’s why we are incorporating circular construction methods, such as constructing buildings in such a way that they can be fully disassembled and making all the resources we use 100% recyclable. In the future, an office complex that is built today could be transformed into the building blocks of a brand-new parking garage. We are also working to implement solutions that prevent waste flows and to use energy sources more efficiently. The promotion of health and wellbeing in our buildings and shared spaces is another important area for improvement. We are working to digitise our built environment to enable us to actively monitor and manage that wellbeing, and this demands that new agreements be made throughout the chain. This means that we are actively seeking collaborations and partners who specialise in the sustainable development of buildings and in the health and wellbeing of employees. If you have any questions, or for more information, please get in touch.


Activate your health

A good workspace reflects the people who work there. This means that it’s a good idea for businesses to relocate to places that strive to meet the needs of their employees, as this helps them to retain existing talent and attract the right new colleagues. One of those needs is to feel ‘connected’ at both a professional and a personal level, as well as finding connection both locally and internationally.

Improvement through connectedness
Schiphol Real Estate creates a space where you are always connected, and where every single day is filled with meetings, both online and face to face. Our buildings and facilities encourage personal development and help you to reach out to colleagues or specialists from other companies, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on your company’s operating results.

We can do this because we experiment with new work concepts in consultation with tenants and other partners. We are increasing the attractiveness of our area by continually seeking out additional services for our community, such as new hospitality venues, meeting spaces and events. A great example of this is the Spot Schiphol Community, together with flexible workspace providers Nest and Spaces, all of which make Schiphol one of the most sought-after places to work.


The built environment is increasingly digital. This makes a wealth of data available, thereby also increasing the availability of knowledge. To ensure that the built environment can communicate with users and owners online, Schiphol Real Estate is developing state-of-the-art smart infrastructure to help us monitor the entire area better than ever, and to ensure that our infrastructure meets the needs of our tenants and residents.

How data promotes targeted improvement of real estate
Targeted data collection gives us a detailed understanding of sustainability achievements and how our buildings, facilities and services are used. This makes it possible to develop new applications to help us achieve our ambitions in terms of flexibility, sustainability and connectedness. We have brought these applications together in a modular smart service package that our tenants can enjoy as an exclusive service.

We seek out active collaboration with technological partners and start-ups who are developing these smart infrastructural projects and applications. One example of this is the cooperation between Schiphol Real Estate and Microsoft, one of the many tenants who have chosen to put down roots at the airport. The aim of the partnership is to implement the latest technologies to create both the smartest and best-connected building (The Outlook) and the smartest and best-connected region of the Netherlands. This goal is a perfect fit for the ambitions of Schiphol Real Estate and our partners.

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