News: Voice services: the latest step in smart and simple meetings

Schiphol Real Estate develops unique system using voice services in meeting rooms for the ultimate convenience

“Alexa, ask building, can you dim the lights?” Not the first words you’d expect to hear in a meeting room. Still, it’s not unusual at all at Spaces, located in The Outlook, an office building at Schiphol. Spaces is collaborating with Schiphol Real Estate to offer voice services. As a member or as a visitor, you can experience the ultimate convenience in meeting rooms, using the sound of your own voice. Entirely future-proof..

Published on: 6 February 2020

Every voice counts

Keeping in mind that Spaces sees a great number of members and visitors each day, Schiphol Real Estate endeavoured to tackle a challenging digital conundrum: ‘How do you make meeting rooms more convenient when they’re constantly used by different people?’ Having to use an app with required account and log-in information was clearly not the right solution.

Schiphol Real Estate developed a unique system – a collaboration between Alexa, Cortana, and the building itself. The only thing you have to do is use your voice.

SRE-voice-illustraties Illustratie 2

The use of Alexa does not depend on a user’s data. You don’t need an app or an account, just your voice and instructions on how to give commands to Alexa. In Schiphol Real Estate’s new system, you give a command to Alexa, who then relays it to Cortana, who in turn is connected to the building which can then carry out the task. In this way, asking Alexa a simple question allows you to adjust the temperature and lighting in any Spaces meeting room. The ultimate convenience, because you no longer have to interrupt a meeting to download an app or to find the right button in an operating menu.

Ability to learn

Because Alexa has a keen ability to learn, this system is becoming more human and more intelligent. Thanks to continuous analysis and user feedback, the system can be adapted to users’ needs and word choice.

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Schiphol Real Estate keeps innovating

The decision to complement existing services with voice control is not such an out of the blue one. Ever since the introduction of the first commercial services in 2008, voice has been popular. It is expected that by 2020, half of all search queries will be driven by a voice, both on mobile devices and desktop computers. And even though more and more consumers carry out conversations with the Siris, Google Assistants, Cortanas, and Alexas of this world, the business community has been lagging behind a little when it comes to using this medium in a clever way. Until now.

Schiphol Real Estate is continuously on the lookout for ways to make working at Schiphol more enjoyable and more efficient for all tenants and visitors. Want to find out more about the benefits of working in Schiphol’s business parks? Check out these related articles: