News: Made to measure for large and small organisations

Not every business is the same and market conditions can fluctuate. That's why having additional facilities close to the office is so important. In addition to their own office space, companies based at Schiphol can also make use of (flex) workspaces whenever they require them. Need a project space for a specific length of time or a meeting room for a few days? Everything is possible and solutions are made to measure. More and more companies are choosing locations that offer the possibility of renting extra space when needed. Flexibility is key.

Published on: 18 March 2022

Regus, The Office Operators, Spaces & Nest

At Schiphol, there is a range of flexible workspaces and meeting rooms on offer. These are spread throughout the various office buildings and include Regus, The Office Operators, Spaces and Nest. You can also find a lot of (free) flex workspaces in the multi-tenant office buildings. There's for example a shared work area on the third floor of WTC Schiphol Airport, and The Base offers plenty of space in the attractive atrium. At Schiphol-Oost, Nest has flex workspaces and Tristar has a 'living room' with areas where you can meet and work.

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Versatile hub location

Hub location Schiphol consists of various business parks. Right next to the terminal and Schiphol Plaza is the Central Business District. And further afield, on the other side of the runways, is Schiphol-Oost – a business park directly connected to Amsterdam by the Amsterdamse Bos. There's also a logistics park, called Cargo World, for companies that want to operate in the logistical heart of the airport process. In short, a versatile place of work where all kinds of companies can establish themselves.

The sky's the limit

Every organisation knows what suits their business and their employees. So many people, so many needs and wants – that's why Schiphol is an attractive business location. There's a choice of different business parks, each with its own character and containing a variety of office and workspaces. The whole area offers possibilities for both businesses that want to grow over time and those that want to keep things on a smaller scale. At Schiphol, companies can look beyond a single building or area, the sky's the limit!