News: In today’s office, flexibility is a must

What does your workplace or office space need to offer? How can you combine working from home with working at the office, and what do you need to make that a success? One thing is for sure: you need flexibility! So where can you find the right smart work environment that’s a perfect fit for the way you want to work? An environment that will seamlessly adapt as your business needs evolve? Schiphol Central Business District is ready for every scenario.

Published on: 31 March 2021

Do you want to work in a compact office, but still have the flexibility to rent extra square metres and meeting rooms when you need them? Schiphol Central Business District provides you facilities that are right around the corner of your office, and you can use them when you need them. Maybe you want your office to function mainly as ‘a clubhouse’ that brings together colleagues, clients and suppliers. Whatever form your organisation’s ‘new way of working’ may take, at Schiphol we’re ready for any scenario. In fact, our whole business park is built for it.

Incredible facilities

Schiphol Central Business District has direct connections to the Plaza Shopping Center and Schiphol railway station and offers a range of office solutions from 35 m2 to 10,000 m2, as well as an incredible range of facilities for meetings, flexible working, exercise, relaxation and informal interactions. That’s what makes Schiphol a location where companies want to open their offices and where talent wants to come together to work and meet up.

Flexibility attracts talent

Building strong connections with your talent is an essential part of modern working, and your office space is still a key way to do that. Trends are showing that employees like to work at different locations, creating inspiration through a change of scenery. What’s more, different roles demand different working environments, from total peace and quiet to lively interactions. All this is possible, thanks to the office buildings and extra facilities at the Schiphol Central Business District.

A few examples? The Base has a vibrant atrium where you can work, eat and meet up. And there are even more hospitality options, including the very popular Fortune Bar, with its new common workplaces and the open terrace at WTC Schiphol Airport. Schiphol-Oost even has a ‘living room’ in one of the office buildings that’s ideal for both business and private meetings. Last but not least, at Schiphol there are flexible space for both work and meetings, including Spaces, Nest Workspaces, Regus and The Office Operators.

Whatever kind of office space you’re looking for, there is already so much available at Schiphol that is ideal for ‘the new way of working’. Have we inspired you to investigate the possibilities? Visit our website for more inspiration, or get in touch with our Leasing Manager Charlotte Roxs (06-20 74 90 32).