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An office location that facilitates, innovates and inspires

What do organisations and their professionals want from their office location? Trends show that organisations are looking for more than just ‘a workplace’ – their chosen working area must have the right facilities, great service and ingenious innovations. A location like that can free you up to devote all your time and attention to achieving your ambitions and going for your goals.

Published on: 22 June 2021

The most basic requirement is helpful service when you have questions or concerns or when your equipment is not working properly. Knowing you have a dedicated contact takes a weight off your mind. Many organisations are keen to find the smartest ways to use their office space, meet their energy needs and deal with waste. If that’s you, you’ll love the state-of-the-art technology in our smart buildings. These smart technologies can also improve the wellbeing and productivity of the professionals who work in your organisation. Imagine having a single, user-friendly app that facilitates all kinds of actions, from booking a meeting room to controlling the heating and lighting flexibly in different parts of the building. At Schiphol AirportCity, a dedicated contact and smart technologies and applications are integral to our service.

Flexible workspaces and meeting areas

Once you’ve found the perfect location, the level of flexibility it offers is crucial when choosing an office. An organisation has to be well able to respond in real time to changing needs and trends. That is why you want access to extra facilities such as flexible workspaces and flexible meeting areas in the immediate vicinity of your own office, and of course you’d rather have the perfect additional space available to hire when you need it. Schiphol Central Business District has got you covered.

Inspiring meeting spaces

That said, flexibility is by no means the only requirement for a state-of-the-art office location. In addition to service and innovation in and around your office, the professionals in your organisation are looking to be inspired – or simply to enjoy a few minutes’ relaxation – both during the working day and on their own time. We offer a versatile range of spaces that are a great choice for both business meetings and personal encounters. What’s more, our active Spot Schiphol community organises all kinds of events where you can share knowledge with colleagues from other organisations, be stimulated in your business dealings or find personal inspiration.

Schiphol Central Business District

And there’s one more important detail: to create a location that facilitates, innovates and inspires, you need some serious clout. You need an area manager who’s always up to date and who can quickly respond to new trends and developments, not to mention an owner who invests, coordinates and engages with each and every user. Schiphol Real Estate is that area manager. Schiphol Real Estate owns the entire business area at Schiphol, consisting of multiple business parks with office buildings, logistical buildings and a wealth of facilities and innovations.

The area manager at Schiphol is responsible for all the buildings and the areas around them, and for offering the best service to users. If you want to ask a question or propose an initiative, Schiphol Real Estate is located on site, so we’re never far away. Our ambition is to create an AirportCity where companies want to open their offices and where talent wants to come together to work and meet up.

Have we sparked your interest? If you’d like to learn more about the relocation options or innovations in our office buildings and workspaces, our Leasing Managers Charlotte Roxs (06-20 74 90 32) and Diederik Nijhuis (06-20 46 65 91) are just waiting for your call.