News: An airport workplace in the clouds

A workplace right next to the Amsterdamse Bos recreational area with the hustle and bustle of the airport just a stone’s throw away, and a setting that offers every imaginable facility? Schiphol-Oost business park has it all. Last December, multinational Honeywell took up residence in the modern office building Tristar I, with four floors and its own company restaurant. Jack Boersema, Field Service manager, is pleased with the new business location.

Published on: 13 May 2019

Amid the magic of the airport

It is patently obvious to anyone who walks through the corridors: this building is part of the airport. Alongside artworks from the company’s own collection, the walls are adorned with aircraft photographs. Boersema: ‘When you drive into the business park you can actually see the old airport logo still there. Fantastic!’ His secretary Lily Eckhart adds: ‘Every Dutch person feels a sense of pride when it comes to Schiphol. We have a great view of the apron for private jets, and colleagues can regularly be found at the windows with their binoculars. It’s a very special workplace, you really feel part of something.’

An office growing fast

What exactly was Boersema looking for in the search for new office accommodation? ‘Of course, there are plenty of business parks in the capital,’ he explains. ‘But finding a future-proof office with space for a special annex is not so easy. Especially not in such an inspiring location. We were looking for a building with a separate workspace for product development and sufficient parking spaces. Schiphol-Oost ticked all the boxes on our wishlist. What sealed the deal was the fact that we were able to meet the architect really quickly to discuss our specific requirements for the annex. These were realised in a short space of time.

Flexibility at work

Following rapid reconstruction work, almost 200 employees at the American multinational made the move from Amsterdam-Zuidoost to a place at the airport. The new building is spacious and bathed in light. The top floor is particularly eye-catching because of the high, curved roof. ‘Management Board members have their own office above here’, explains Facility Manager Coen Joesoef. ‘There are also some free zones there where colleagues can always find somewhere to work. The new location received a warm and enthusiastic reception – people who used to prefer to work from home are now coming to the office more often. In my view, that says it all!’

Plenty to do around the office

The surrounding area is also proving popular. At lunchtime, colleagues head into the Amsterdamse Bos for a walk, says Boersema. ‘A handy app helps you chart out routes of different distances. It’s a great chance to clear the head.’ There’s also new technology to make life on the business park easier: ‘You can use your phone to unlock one of the 300 shared bikes. Colleagues use them to explore the area together, in search of great places to eat nearby.’

There are plenty of choices for lunch. In spring and summer, food trucks stop by every Tuesday and Thursday, with an ever-changing range of delicious dishes. ‘We already saw them last week.’ If colleagues decide to give the ground-floor company restaurant a miss for a day, they can choose from the Surinamese toko, the Albert Heijn to go supermarket or one of the other food & beverage outlets. ‘Another thing I really like is the fact that so much is organised to help you meet other people from the area. I was at the Christmas drinks party in December and have also seen the weekly boot camp pass by. All of this is organised by the Schiphol Spot Community.’

At the terminal in no time

The location is also ideal for business travel. Boersema: ‘Colleagues can leave their cars at the office and take the bus to the airport. You can be in the Departure Hall in 15 minutes – and save a lot in parking charges. If we have business visitors from other countries, our guests stay at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel. We’ve arranged some great deals. We’re also very well connected by car, only a five minutes’ drive from the A10 ring road.’

Business diversity at Schiphol-Oost

Schiphol-Oost business park is home to an amazingly wide range of companies. There are hotels, app developers and advertising agencies, day shifts and night shifts merge into one, and all kinds of airport companies have their bases here. ‘Honeywell produces electronic control and automation systems’, explains Boersema. ‘We also supply electronic aircraft systems, but that’s sheer coincidence. Schiphol-Oost is suitable for any company with an international character, whatever its size. For us, this diversity gives the area even greater appeal.’

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