For a mischievous customer journey: Travel with Felix

Before passengers board flights through our gates, they’ve already been on a little journey. At Schiphol, the customer journey begins when travellers enter the access roads that lead to the airport. And it doesn’t end until they leave the airport, baggage in hand. Curious about that customer journey? Felix – the most mischievous cat in the world – gives you a peek at everything that’s possible along the way.

A multiple-touchpoint campaign

Chances are, you already know Felix. This frisky feline has been the face of Felix cat food – a Nestlé Purina Petfood brand – for years. In the 80s and 90s, his rascally antics and catchy theme song stole the hearts and minds of TV-viewers around the world. And last summer, his special brand of mischief was the source of many smiles at the airport.

Millions of travellers spotted Felix in and around Schiphol, thanks to a robust campaign with multiple touchpoints. It’s all part of Felix’s ‘Up to Mischief’ Tour. Having completed a playful romp through London, Felix touched down in Amsterdam. After a quick catnap, of course.

  1. Billboard on the A4 motorway
    Tens of thousands of daily drivers – including those dropping off and picking up passengers, and travellers themselves – saw Felix on a giant billboard on the A4 motorway. The playful puss was perched on a rolling suitcase: ready for take-off!

  2. SnapFly: Schiphol’s life-sized photo booth
    What’s a holiday without great pics? Felix lent a paw to make sure passengers’ first holiday photos were ones to remember. The SnapFly life-sized photo booth invited passengers to stand inside, against fun and funky backgrounds. Only after the shot was snapped did they notice that naughty little Felix had snuck into the shot. A feline photo bomb!

  3. Panoramic Purrr-fection
    On the way to the departure hall, few travellers could miss the next touchpoint. Above the escalators leading to the check-in desks hung an enormous panoramic banner of our friend Felix.

  4. A digital game of cat and mouse
    On the way to the gates, passengers were treated to playful peeks at Felix. He frolicked on digital screens with that unique feline spirit that’s hard not to notice.

  5. No walking on the baggage carousels!
    Like most cats, Felix ignored all the warnings. The little black-and-white rascal still needed attention after your long flight was over. The paw prints on the baggage carousels gave him away. A nice reminder to cat owners to pick up a tasty treat for their furry flatmate on the way home.

Want to know more?

That Felix! He’s always up to something. But at Schiphol Media, we love him just the way he is. Curious what kind of customer journey we can create with your brand? Get in touch.