Our team tips: See you in Guangzhou?

World Routes is fastly approaching and we will be meeting each other soon. Although it will mostly be about business, we should take a moment and opportunity to get to know more about the city of flowers. So scroll down and check out our tips for China's third largest city.


White Cloud/Baiyun Mountain

White Cloud Mountain or also known as Baiyun Mountain is one of the most well-known spots of natural beauty in Guangzhou. Escape the rush of the city and experience some tranquility. Put on your hiking shoes and go explore this beautiful area!

Canton Tower

If you are not afraid of heights, try visiting one of Guangzhou’s most iconic buildings: the Canton tower. Did you know that with the height of 600 meters, the Canton TV Tower is the highest building in China and the third highest in the world? At night the tower is beautifully illuminated by lights and at this unique venue there are plenty of interesting activities. Do fancy a nice view? Take a ride on the Bubble Tram to see a panoramic view of the city. Or simply just send a postcard from the world’s highest post office and simultaneously experience the breathtaking view that it offers. If you are a real daredevil, we recommend a sky drop-free fall from 100 meters or to take a walk on the world’s longest see through spiral staircase. These activities will definitely give your energy and adrenaline a boost for Routes World 2018!

Pearl River (day/night) cruise

A cruise along the scenic Pearl River in Guangzhou is a must. Enjoy the view of historical sites and unique architecture from the river. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a trip during the day or during the evening, it will for sure be highlight of your trip!

Dian Du De

Ready to try out some local cuisine? Then go for dim sum at Dian Du De. Test your Chinese language skills as the majority of people visiting here are Chinese locals and guess what? So is their menu! It may be a little challenging, as is the wait, but the locals say: "you always have to queue but you never leave disappointed". Enough said right?

Panxi Restaurant

Experience the taste of traditional Cantonese cuisine at this complex. It includes a large unique garden-style restaurant with water features. If you just want to enjoy a Chinese cup of tea, grab a seat in the unique floating tearoom!

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

If you want to experience fine dining at its best in Guangzhou, visit Jiang by Chef Fei at the Mandarin Oriental. The Chinese award winning master chef has raised the Chinese culinary scene to international standards. The restaurant enjoys a sophisticated, contemporary décor and is awarded one Michelin star in the 2018 Guangzhou Michelin Guide.