Technical FAQs on how to work with our APIs - Frequently Asked Questions

Schiphol’s APIs offer a wealth of data and possibilities. We are trying to help you work with them, wherever we can. In the frequently asked questions for developers below, you will find more information. Still looking for more information? Get in contact with us. We are happy to help. Or read our Business FAQs.

Please note that more in-depth technical questions are answered in the specific API documentation, that you’ll find after logging in.

1. How does it work and how do I start?
2. Why don’t I see all APIs?
3. Where do I find more technical information about the APIs?
4. Will you offer more APIs and services in the future?
5. Are there any limitations in using your APIs?
6. Do you have any SDKs?
7. Are you RESTful?
8. Do you offer support?
8. I have a problem with one of the APIs, what to do?

Need technical assistance?

Our special API support team is there to help you, 24/7.

Commercially interested?

Meet our business developers. They are happy to help you to develop value propositions and to create value with our APIs.

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