Smart Cargo Mainport Program: Compliance Checker: a customs tool

The Compliance Checker is a customs tool that facilitates export customs procedures at Schiphol. It automatically analyses the content and format of declarations in order to predict any issues. The project’s main objective is to provide higher quality air cargo shipment compliance. The Compliance Checker allows shipments to be checked against customs regulations of the importing country, even before the shipment has left the exporting country.

For example: a shipment from Frankfurt is trucked to Amsterdam to be put on a plane to the USA. The Compliance Checker will have already checked the load on USA customs regulations before leaving Frankfurt, instead of doing this in Amsterdam. In this way, non- compliant shipments are detected before reaching customs, instead of being put on hold, or fined at import customs at their destination.

If you would like to know how your cargo operations can be improved, please contact David van der Meer at, Program Manager of the Smart Cargo Mainport Programme. We look forward to you joining us as we shape Europe’s smartest cargo hub.

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