Reducing sound : Solutions for ground noise

Ground noise is produced by low frequency vibrations. The palpable rumble is caused by aircraft on the ground. It is particularly noticeable when aircraft are starting up.

Grondribbels - Oplossingen tegen grondgeluid

Ground noise is difficult to tackle using conventional measures. Characterised by large wavelengths, it therefore easily ‘rolls’ over obstacles. In addition, it is scarcely absorbed by air or soil, and houses have low insulation factors for this low frequency noise. We have been working together for years with area residents and the municipality of Haarlemmermeer to find a feasible solution.

Landscape design as a solution to ground noise

The residents of Hoofddorp-Noord have been affected by ground noise nuisance since Runway 18R-36L was opened. Especially in winter, when the ground is wet or hard and reverberates the ground noise waves. Wind direction and force also play a role.

We have been looking for a feasible solution to this problem for a long time. After years spent searching, the solution was found and implemented: ‘Landscape Design’. The Buitenschot Land Art Park – see below – is part of it.

Buitenschot – From ground noise reduction to land art park

Together with Stichting Mainport en Groen, we developed a unique area on the north side of Hoofddorp. Buitenschot is a ‘land art park’ where recreation, art and reducing ground noise are uniquely intertwined.