Schiphol Funds donates over € 76,000 to 2 great projects In Amstelveen and Velsen-Noord: In Amstelveen en Velsen-Noord

On Wednesday 27 September, The Schiphol Fund donated € 40,519 to the Hockey Association HIC in Amstelveen to fund a mini-hockey field. On the festive and energetic opening day, Chairman of the Schiphol Fund Tom Egbers presented a cheque to Wouter Stevens, Chairman of the Hockey Association.

Tom Egbers said: “The Schiphol Fund mini-field is a great addition to the club, which currently has 800 youth members. The field will be used for training, play and for E & F youth competitions. HIC is a hockey club that does everything singularly and using its own resources, and we find those things very special. Therefore it’s a pleasure for us to make this donation”.

The Schiphol Fund also donated € 35,750 to Fiets Cross Club Wijkeroog in Velsen-Noord on Sunday, 1 October. They are the only Bike Cross and BMX Club in Kennemerland and received this amount to fund a new start ramp. After the ramp was officially opened with a match, Schiphol Fund Board Member Floris Vels handed the cheque to Chairman Arnold de Baar.

Floris Vels said: “With their new start ramp and adapted track, the Fiets Cross Club Wijkeroog can organise both regional and national tournaments. The club has been saving money for years to fund the track adjustments and start ramp. This project may now be realised, thanks in part to Schiphol Fund’s large donation”.