Schiphol Funds awards 71k for sport-related projects: in de regio

On Friday 7 July, board members Floris Vels and Rolf Groot awarded over € 71,000 to sports-related organisations operating in and around Schiphol. Please see below for details.

Major benefactors:

Mixed Hockey Club Uitgeest just received a donation of €8,250 for a mini hockey field which is intended for youth members, and also for games, practice and small 3x3 or 4x4 tournaments.

Stichting Zorgzaam Rijsenhout received a € 2,500 donation towards a lawn bowling green. The foundation provides all kinds of activities for the elderly. Lawn bowls is a game that resembles pétanque and can be played by people of all ages.

Stichting Sailability received the highest donation in the amount of € 9,850. The foundation's goal is to encourage people with physical and / or mental disabilities to go sailing, together with an able-bodied person. They need an extra boat at the Uitgeest location, which has been equipped with a special chair for physically-impaired people.

Donation overview as of 7 July, 2017

Organisation Town/City Project Amount donated
Tennisvereniging Geuzenveld Amsterdam Mini tennis equipment € 646,30
OBS De Notenkraker Amsterdam School playground € 7.500,-
OBS De Brink Amsterdam School playground € 7.500,-
Badmintonvereniging Martinus Amsterdam Shuttlecock canon € 2.990,-
Scouting Sint Maarten Hoofddorp A ‘Lelievlet’ dinghy € 6.000,-
Stichting Meerwaarde Hoofddorp Running track € 5.000,-
Mixed Hockey Club Uitgeest Uitgeest Mini field € 8.250,-
Stichting Sailability Uitgeest Sail boat € 9.850,-
OBS ‘t Joppe Nieuw-Vennep School playground € 9.750,-
Stichting Zorgzaam Rijsenhout Lawn bowls green € 2.500,-
Badmintonvereniging De Shuttle Krommenie Shuttlecocks € 3.000,-
Kinderboerderij ‘t Weidje Wormer Playground equipment € 7.500,-
Gymnastiekvereniging De Zevensprong Zevenhoven Horizontal bar and safety mats € 1.154,-