Schiphol Fund Board: Schiphol Fund Board

The Schiphol Fund Board and secretary.

Tom Egbers

"As the coach of a youth team, I experience how important the commitment of volunteers is in sports clubs on a weekly basis. The match secretary, the canteen help, the equipment person, the locker room cleaner: they are the club.

Sometimes, these amateur clubs lack the means to provide younger members – and older members – with an essential facility. Consequently, the club's development stagnates, deteriorates and some members quit.

In some cases, the Schiphol Fund, which aims to get more people 'moving', can help. It's great being able to contribute to the process."

Tom Egbers (chairman), sports reporter and presenter

Heleen L. Kuijten-Koenen

At Schiphol 'Work is Moving' is key for employees. But we also want to spread this motto for the surroundings of Schiphol. No matter whether we are talking about sports, hobbies or work. We perform better if we exercise. Our body and brains need this exercise.

Not everyone has access to all resources to make this possible. That's why Stichting het Schipholfonds contributes to possibilities for sports and exercise, because we believe this is important. I happily put myself in motion outside the sports field, for more exercise!

Heleen Kuijten (treasurer), director Human Resources Royal Schiphol Group

Monique Hollenkamp

"The Schiphol Fund wants to encourage area residents to exercise more. Exercise helps all of us stay healthy longer and adds fun to life. It is often very important for the less mobile, too. And because we as the Schiphol Fund can stimulate this, I am happy to do my part."

Monique Hollenkamp (executive board member), Communication adviser

Floris E. Vels

'Immobility is the new smoking.' If you don't exercise enough, you will get sick more easily. And if you exercise a lot, you will recover faster if you are sick. Besides that, sport also plays a role as 'cement in society'. It brings people together. Stichting het Schipholfonds contributes to a healthy and liveable environment by focusing solely on more sports and exercise. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to contribute to this.

Floris Vels (board member), Head of Cabinet/Manager External Affairs, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer

Rolf Groot

"Sufficient exercise is healthy; plus, for many people it is an enjoyable pursuit. It often requires equipment, and the required financial means are either limited or unavailable. The Schiphol Fund can make the difference in terms of successful realisation. It is precisely this added value that makes me feel like working on behalf of the Schiphol Fund."

Rolf Groot (executive board member), Natuurlijk Advies Biomass Consultant

Olga Vossen-de Joncheere


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