Buitenschot – From ground noise reduction to land art park:

Together with Stichting Mainport en Groen, we developed a unique area on the north side of Hoofddorp. Buitenschot is a ‘land art park’ where recreation, art and reducing ground noise are uniquely intertwined.

We also worked closely with the Hoofddorp-Noord residents' association and the municipality of Haarlemmermeer to make it possible.

Recreational facilities in the ‘Groene Carré’

Buitenschot is on the north side of Hoofddorp. The park is part of Haarlemmermeer's ‘Groene Carré’, a network of green areas surrounding Schiphol and Runway 18R-36L. The 33-hectare area belongs to the Stichting Mainport en Groen. This foundation makes investments in recreational facilities and green landscaping for local residents and visitors to the Schiphol locality.

Recreation and art

Much of Buitenschot Land Art Park consists of ground ridges. The result is a unique park landscape with vistas, long axis views and protected areas. Whilst the design makes the park itself an art form, there are works of art in the park, too. Artist Paul de Kort designed two works for Buitenschot. In these works of art, he makes the meaning of sound and sound waves visible and deftly turns it into an experience. ‘Listening Ear’ is a great example. A parabolic dish stands on two pyramids. If you stand inside the middle of the sculpture, you will hear the ambient sound amplified.

Artful reduction of ground noise

A unique aspect of the Buitenschot ground ridges is how they serve a dual function: they also reduce ground noise. The ground ridges are part of Schiphol's broader ‘Landscape Design Plan’. This innovative idea was developed by TNO.

A multifunctional public park

Buitenschot Land Art Park was designed for residents and visitors in the area surrounding Schiphol. The park features a footpath and a cycle path and a bridle trail along the perimeter. A dog training field is also planned. Visitors arriving by car can use the small car park to the north-west of the park.